Heya Everyone!

It is mid-summer, the birthday of the world, and everything is coming up vegetables. We are busy scattered and beautiful, working on visioning our next project and our big steps forward. We are looking for community involvement from you all– come and see and enjoy what we have created, share our harvest, use our kitchen and learn with us.

We are starting tomorrow going to be having a weekly thursday night potluck and workshop open to the community. Bring yourself, bring a dish, bring a friend.

Tomorrow Tommy is giving a Tai Chi workshop. If your interested in offering a workshop to the public let us know!

In addition, Saturday July 24th come by for an (Almost) Full Moon Celebration– enjoy the fruits of our harvest and a banging band (as yet to be chosen). Drink, Dance and be merry.

Love and resistance,
Fertile Minds Collective

P.S. A lot of our fulltime members are leaving around the end of August/early September. This means there will be a lot of openings for the harvest season. If you are interested in helping from the beginning of September until around the end of October send us an e-mail.

P.P.S. Check out our new pictures and get a better feel for what were all about.


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