The Lay of the Land, April 8th

April is getting on and we are extremely busy, and it looks as if we will be busy for a long while catching up with ourselves.

But it is reassuring to pause and look at what we have accomplished over that past 6-8 weeks;

The Garden Plan is done, and the seeds are all ordered. Our Garden space, 24 forty foot beds, two thirds no-till and a third till, is maybe halfway done. The Greenhouse space is done, ventilation and wood-stove in place and ready to go for those hot days and cold nights. And many of our seeds have been started, and are coming up. Little Beauties.

In addition to the physical work, the administrative work is rolling along;

This website is up and running, with applications and we even got a few applications from people we have never met. We are listed on the WWOOF site. We are having/sponsoring various events this month, including a Radical Menstruation Workshop at SlashRoot in New Paltz, two movie screenings in Woodstock with Designing for Transition (Pickaxe and The Power of Community) and ongoing work parties at the farm.

Still to come:

Finishing off the garden beds and making the community space livable. Building an outhouse (after our hilarious outhouse ‘think-tank’ last night) and getting an outdoor kitchen space set up for the summer.


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