who we are (and were)

The Collective is dissolving as of October 31, at which point the project, from conception to completion and ending, will be exactly one year old. We are in the process of collating our experiences and the knowledge and skill that has grown out of them into a sort-of “how to start a non-hierarchical homestead” zine. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in interacting with Cody Creek Farm, the farm whose land we were so thankfully nestled on, that project will be continuing and growing into a sustainability school incorporating draft horse organic farming and related farming and primitive skills knowledges and skills. If you are interested in interacting with members of the Fertile Minds Collective, please send us an email! THough we may be diffuse, we are still a collective that has a wide variety of skills, contacts, and experiences and would love to connect with you.

What follows is our front page and goals from early this summer.


We are a small, non-hierarchical collective that will be living, working, playing and learning together over the course of the 2010 growing season and beyond.

Our goals include:

to live in an egalitarian way; to grow a large portion of our own food; to create and manage a small subsistence homestead including animals, vegetables, grains and more; to create and organize a community space for art show, concerts, and workshops; to teach and learn from each other in a rigorous free-school environment; and to organize and interact with the local community.